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Job solution research center is non profitable and public welfare oriented social organization.

To help in boosting nation economic condition by creating a conductive atmosphere for industrial investment to launch a long term and concrete program for appropriate use of labor force.

To consult and coordinate with the different industrial and managerial experts to make a promotional program and project for industrial development.

To launch programs informing the general people about newly developed and developing techniques for the betterment of human being.

To conduct research of everything that is required to elevate the human life and the society.
To launch programs using non residential Nepalis-NRN knowledge for the benefit of Nepali people and create conductive environment for NRN’s investment in the country.
To collect nationwide data and make category of the un employed people and find proper job places for them in coordination with employment agencies and corporation.
To establish a friendly and professional relationship with international organization and identify itself as as national representative on the international arena of its types.

To take different advice and information to minimize the hurdles in foreign employment sector in association with the concern parties and to seek a quota reservation for lower income and backward families member in foreign employment.

To launch a campaign against socially evil elements and inconsistency.
To be an assisting organization for new life regarding conflict victims marriage, remarriage and their employment.

Promote and encourage trade/export of NTFPs/MAPs only after processing and value addition.

Promote and encourage the cultivation and processing of selected and highly demanded NTFPs/MAPs.

Identify plant parts in high trade and provide training to private sectors/traders on traded plant parts that are in trade and high demand (Identification of marketable plant parts of NTFPs/MAPs)

Establish MOU with international herbal companies and associations for international trade of unique and prioritized NTFPs/ MAPs of Nepal.